A group of TRACTION participants and volunteers were hosted at the 50th Annual Winternationals drag racing event by Stuart Bishop and the team behind the WALLACE BISHOP LOYAL WATCHES race team yesterday.

The “Winternationals” is  held at Willowbank Raceway and is the largest championship drag racing event held outside of North America. Drag cars reach speeds of up to 400km/hour and cover the quarter-mile race distance in less than 6 seconds. Expert race mechanics and technicians fine-tune these machines between each race in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment to extract optimum performance.

This was be a once in a lifetime experience for TRACTION participants. TRACTION participants and mentors got a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to get a Pro Slammer drag car ready to race. The TRACTION crew met trackside with Stuart Bishop (Team Owner/Driver and CEO of Wallace Bishop Jewellers) and his race team and got to see the drag cars in action.

A massive thanks to WILLOWBANK RACEWAY for providing tickets to the event for the TRACTION team.

Thank you to Wallace Bishop Jewellers
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