TRACTION took part in Bicycle Queensland’s “Ride2Work Day” this morning where commuters were rewarded for hopping on their bikes and riding to work! Cyclists were treated to a free breakfast at the Law Courts Plaza on George Street in the CBD. The event encourages people to ride to work and join the cycling community and for regular commuters to enjoy a relaxed breakfast with hundreds of fellow riders.

TRACTION Mentors Richard, Baxter, Mark and Sandy were delighted to meet the community to showcase TRACTION. Thanks to those that registered interest in volunteering with TRACTION and for committing to donate their old bikes for participants to work on!


Bicycle Queensland is a non-profit, community and advocacy organisation promoting safe, everyday bicycle riding. BQ meets regularly with politicians and planners to persuade them to improve cycling facilities in Queensland. BQ also advises government engineers on suitable designs for cycling facilities. BQ supports programs encouraging cycling and making cycling more accessible to potential cyclists.
BQ is membership based – more members mean a bigger voice for cycling – join us today.
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Bike Week is an annual cycling festival which features a range of events – both on and off the bike – making it the largest cycling festival in Queensland! This annual celebration of cycling has been held every year since the early 1990’s, and is organised by Bicycle Queensland who pedal the message of getting more people cycling more often.  Bike Week exists in order to encourage people of all ages, sizes and cycling abilities to get into the saddle by offering a packed schedule of events during the week. So whether you’re a recreational rider wanting to socialise with like-minded bike riders, a regular rider wanting to participate in some more challenging events, or if you haven’t been on a bike for years and want to test the theory that you can’t ever forget how to ride a bike, Bike Week offers something for you!
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