Students from the Hemmant Flexi Learning Centre are establishing a social enterprise and will soon be serving coffee in their community. The team includes a Build Team, a Barista/Hospitality Team and a Branding/Marketing Team.

TRACTION is delighted to be a part of the project and our mentors are helping the Build Team construct the mobile coffee cart which is based on a tricycle frame and  affectionately known as “Betsy”.

Here’s an update from the team …

Hello loyal followers of Betsy,
It has been almost a month since we have written to update progress with the beautiful Betsy. We have been busy at “Chateau Du Twenty Seven” (aka Shed 27) helping to accentuate Betsy’s features in the hope to win Australia’s next top Coffee Cart. We are proud to say that most of the structural work has been completed and Betsy is impressed with the amount of ‘junk’ she can fit in her trunk! In the past month we have reshaped Betsy, giving her a timeless hourglass figure. Betsy is still getting used to her new shape and like any major surgery there is still a way to go.
In other news Naideen (our Coffee Machine) has also been accepted into “Chateau Du Twenty Seven” to work closely with Betsy in her final stages. Naideen is a spunky vintage girl with a lot of spark. We feel she will be a great partner for Betsy and give her the edge to take the championship at Australia’s next top coffee cart contest.
The Hemmant Flexi Coffee Cart Build Team