99 Bikes technical session

On Sunday 16th July, the top 12 Bike Mechanics from national bicycle retail group “99 Bikes” donated 3 hours of their time to TRACTION. The 99 Bikes team spent time providing technical training to selected TRACTION participants, mentors, family and friends, at both our Capalaba and West End workshops. Attendees had the chance to learn from the best in the business about specific technical and mechanical topics, but also got the chance to hear about career opportunities in the industry and what it’s like working with 99 Bikes.

TRACTION is fortunate to be part of 99 Bikes’ corporate “Earning To Give” (E2G) program. The company donates cash and in-kind support to the value of 1% of its salaries and wages  to a variety of charities including TRACTION. Staff get to choose the charity they wish to support. In 2016, TRACTION received 84 new bicycles through the program, equivalent to approximately $10,000 in value. In 2017, TRACTION has once again been selected as a beneficiary of E2G, and the Technical Sessions lead by the company’s specialist Bike Mechanics was appreciated by all that attended.

The staff from local 99 Bikes stores have also embraced TRACTION and have donated over 100 second-hand bicycles to TRACTION for participants to work on as projects as part of the TRACTION Bicycle Build program. 99 Bikes stores cannot re-sell bicycles that its customers “trade in” on new bicycle purchases, so rather than scrap the bikes, 99 Bikes stores donate them to TRACTION.

TRACTION is delighted to work with the business sector to build connections with industry. TRACTION relies on donations and sponsorship to fund its operating expenditure and empower young people in need. Partnerships with industry that provide work experience, training, employment or once-in-a-lifetime experiences for TRACTION participants are appreciated.

To partner with TRACTION, please visit http://www.traction.community/contact.html

Special thanks to the team from 99 Bikes for making the TRACTION Technical Sessions possible – (West End) Josh, JJ, Richie, Josh, Tim, Terry & Paddy, (Capalaba) Nick, Flynn, Craig, lsaac, Mark.

Thanks to Lucien Lloyd-West, Alex Murdoch and Dylan Saunders for capturing photos and video from the sessions.