Pumped at BMX Balance

TRACTION was delighted to cater for the crew at the “BMX Balance” coaching clinic held at the Centenary Plains BMX Club on 14th April. The coaches comprised some of the world’s best BMX riders including Olympic gold medallist Connor Fields, Khalen Young, Warwick Stevenson, Tony Harvey, Jamie Gary, Trent Jones, Brett Scruse and Bruce Morris. The team of coaches were wonderful role models and generous with their time.

Thanks to Bruce and the team that organised and delivered the event. It was a wonderful opportunity for riders aged 8 – 16 years to develop their skills is a supportive environment.

A highlight of the day for the TRACTION team was seeing Matthew, former TRACTION participant, involved in his first ever BMX coaching clinic. He loved it and is joining the club to get involved in BMX riding and racing. He even got to meet and grab a photo with Connor Fields.

Whilst TRACTION’s job was to keep the riders and coaches fed and watered, the TRACTION team also had a blast on the pump track!