Wiley on board for the 2020 CEO Bike Build

We are so pleased to have Wiley, a Brisbane-based project delivery company with over a century of industry experience, part of this year’s CEO Bile Build for TRACTION fundraising event. Wiley are a leading privately and fourth-generation owned Australian company that enhances value for clients’ projects and solutions through management consulting, process engineering, design and construction.

One of Wiley’s company values is “A sense of Community” and they live this by giving back to the community in many ways. Wiley see TRACTION playing a crucial role in helping young people achieve their potential, particularly those at-risk or disengaged from school. Wiley confirmed on its news blog recently that it will be represented at the CEO Bike Build on 11th September by its CEO, Rob Barron.

Thanks team Wiley! It’s the community around TRACTION that makes a difference.

About the event
The CEO Bike Build event will help “CEO participants” (leaders from the community – corporate, public and private sectors) experience first-hand the benefits of TRACTION programs, while raising funds to help TRACTION continue to provide a safe, learning environment for young people in need.

The process
As one part in a team of two, each CEO supports a TRACTION participant to assemble a bicycle within a 3-hour time frame. The TRACTION graduate will be the leader, guiding the CEO through the process, and in doing so demonstrate their skills and knowledge. The CEO helps get the job done, and along the way shares some of their experience, building rapport and giving the TRACTION participant the opportunity to interact, possibly for the first time with an industry leader.

About the bikes
At the completion of the event, the bikes are donated back TRACTION for future participants to customise and keep as part of their program.

More information about the CEO Bike Build
Visit the event page at: https://ceo-bikebuild.traction.community/