Redland Foundation helps TRACTION empower young people in Redland City

Redland City is a wonderful place to live, however many young people face the challenges of intergenerational welfare dependence, mental and physical health, homelessness, and Indigenous and economic disadvantage.

The Redland Foundation is a philanthropic organisation that gives back to the local community in Redland City. The Foundation collects funds through donations, bequests and fundraising events in order to give to those most in need.

TRACTION is delighted to have the support of the Redland Foundation and on 4th March, hosted Chairman of the Board, Don Seccombe, and fellow Foundation members including Garry and Lyndal Hargraves, Ken Ewald, Laraine Dillon and Corinne Tomasi at its Alexandra Hills workshop.

Foundation members spent time on the tools with young people participating in the program from two local schools, met TRACTION members Ricko, Jo, Demi and Ben, and got to see the program in action. Participants were hard at work sanding their bike frames, preparing them to the painted.

Sandy Murdoch, TRACTION Founder/CEO, and Jim White, TRACTION’s Redlands Regional Coordinator, were presented with a donation of $30,000 which will provide access to TRACTION programs for young people from the Redlands community.

“We are extremely grateful for the support of the Redland Foundation which helps vulnerable young people experience a sense of success, build resilience, practical, team and leadership skills at TRACTION. We rely on corporate sponsorship, community donations and grants to deliver programs to those most in need, and support from local communities is vital to our sustainability,” said Sandy.

“Our heartfelt thanks to Garry Hargrave in particular, for his effort in spreading the word about the work that TRACTION does for Redlands youth and securing the support of local residents, whose donations to the Redland Foundation have flowed directly to TRACTION. Garry’s work as an advocate for TRACTION makes a significant difference helping empower young people seeking to build their own future in the Redlands.”

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