Message from the Founder

Sandy Murdoch

Many young people are facing challenges well beyond their ability to cope. Their life trajectories are disastrous - mixing with the wrong crowd, drugs, violence, social isolation, poor physical and mental health, and welfare dependency. We must not let them fall through the cracks – the price is simply too high, for everyone.

TRACTION is an organisation that provides an opportunity to make a meaningful difference to young people’s lives. The community we mobilise is our greatest strength. Our vibrant team, inclusive environment together with our innovative and engaging programs, allow participants to experience a sense of success, self-esteem and inspires them to consider a future of widened opportunities. People working together will achieve extraordinary things. I believe TRACTION is the perfect example of this. We are empowering dreams and helping young people go places.

Our supporters both big and small value our purpose and contribution to the community and their investments in resources and time have helped us to grow this far. However, to meet ever increasing demand, we need to broaden our support base and pursue more sustainable funding options.

Our dream is to help more young people, and we must rise to this new challenge. We are expanding our footprint and creating an impactful and sustainable enterprise. With a broader funding and support base, we will partner with other like-minded entities so TRACTION can continue to empower more vulnerable young people.

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Who We Support

TRACTION was established as a charitable program whose purpose is to advance social and public welfare through the provision of relief to disadvantaged young people, and in doing so, alleviating the likelihood of the disadvantaged young person continuing to suffer from poverty, distress and misfortune.

Participants are typically 12-15 years of age and TRACTION aims to reach them before they fall they fall through the cracks, helping them rediscover the joy of learning and build their own powerful and positive futures.
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How we help

TRACTION helps young people by providing a welcoming and safe learning environment, meals when needed, opportunity and a place for personal development, access to other support and programs that help sustain the environment.
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Our charitable intent

TRACTION helps young people who are experiencing poverty, misfortune or distress as a result of institutionalised welfare dependency, learning disability or behavioural disorder, suffering directly or indirectly from addiction, domestic violence, abuse and mental illness, involvement with the youth justice system, indigenous disadvantage, physical disability, ethnicity, being a refugee or asylum seeker or other similar cause.
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Our Programs

We understand that everybody learns differently, and some young people don’t realise their potential in a classroom. That’s why TRACTION provides an alternative and action-based learning environment, encouraging relationships and access to employment opportunities.

TRACTION programs engage young people and support their development. Participants build self-esteem, confidence, practical and job ready skills working in teams.
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Our Social Impact

TRACTION's programs benefit young people who are experiencing a range of challenges.

Our social impact is demonstrated by results achieved by participants, including improved community engagement, school attendance, behaviour and academic effort and performace at school, securing further training, work experience and employment.
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Celebrating Success - Jayde's Story

Jayde's experience at TRACTION had a profound impact. Participating in the Bike Build program helped her discover she wanted to be an engineer. She switched schools, enrolled in trade college and is building her own future.

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Our Team

Our Board

TRACTION is governed by a board who provide strategic direction, guidance, compliance and performance oversight.
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Our Leadership Team

The delivery of TRACTION programs are lead by the TRACTION Executive Leadership Team.
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Our Mentors & Support Crew

TRACTION mentors and crew are the heart of the program and provide professional support that helps young people positively re-engage with their community.
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Our Supporters

Current Supporters

Thank you to our corporate sponsors, private donors, community partners and supporters who generously provide the donations, resources and encouragement, often from behind-the-scenes, to help keep TRACTION delivering.
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Financial support is the backbone of any non-profit organisation and we appreciate donations big or small. All donations are fully tax deductible.​
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Our TRACTION 'Connect' Partners

Current Partners

TRACTION is building partnerships with industry that provide career pathways for selected TRACTION participants.

If your business or organisation would like to become a TRACTION 'Connect' partner and provide training, work experience, apprenticeship or employment opportunities, or provide the chance for your staff to be involved in volunteering or mentoring, please click the button below.
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