How we help

The range of help TRACTION provides includes, but is not limited to:

Safe Environment

A safe, supportive and inclusive learning environment for the vulnerable where they can experience a sense of success, build self-esteem and skills, free of violence, bullying, judgement, favouritism, undue and unfair pressure.

Meal Provision

The provision of meals including breakfast and lunch, to young people who may be homeless or who are at risk of homelessness, or lack access to secure housing.

Welcoming Setting

A setting where participants are accepted and free to develop important life skills at their own pace, and under the guidance of mentors.

Provide an adaptive, inclusive learning environment for young people with learning difficulties, culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, and newly arrived migrants and refugees to Australia.


The opportunity to find self-worth, build self-esteem, confidence and a healthy future.

To help young people experience a sense of belonging, consider future opportunities and start to realise their talent and potential.

Foster connections with other education institutes, industry and the corporate sector to help provide access for program participants to further education, training, work experience, apprenticeships and employment opportunities.

Place for Development

An innovative and engaging learning environment that leverages an action-based, hands-on learning model.

A place where young people experience positive role-modelling and mentoring, realise their own potential, and build their own future through education and pathways into further training, work experience and employment.

Encourage program graduates to develop their leadership skills by continuing to engage in the program and contribute to the community.

Sustaining our Environment

Operate a bicycle recycling scheme and donate bicycles to those in need, including program participants.

Explore social enterprise opportunities that provide work experience and employment opportunities for vulnerable young people and generate funds to sustain their organisation.

Access to other Support

Provide access to other ‘wrap around’ and support services through linkages with other community organisations and specialist providers.