Our Programs

We understand that everybody learns differently and some young people don’t realise their potential in a classroom.

That’s why TRACTION provides an alternative and action-based learning environment, encouraging relationships and access to employment opportunities.

TRACTION programs engage young people and support their development. Participants build self-esteem, confidence, practical and job ready skills working in teams.

Bicycle Build Program

Provides the opportunity for young people to get hands on experience in bicycle building, repair, restoration and maintenance. Participants either restore bicycles donated by the community or build new bikes from scratch. Participants create their own custom bike designs and keep the bicycles they build.

Small Engines Program

The Small Engines program provides the chance to build upon their experience in the Bicycle Build program and extend into a more mechanically focused experience.

Participants are introduced to mechanical concepts and the operation principles of small engines in a hands on workshop environment. Participants undertake fault diagnosis and problem solving exercises and complete projects, such as rebuilding and reconditioning a Honda ‘Postie’ motorcycle.

Boom Box Program

A collaboration with AMPLFY Speakers, participants build their own portable Bluetooth Speaker system from up-cycled e-Waste, including laptop batteries and computer speakers, and ex-army ammunition boxes. The program introduces participants to innovative fabrication technologies based on 3D-printing, basic electronics, and shows how to recycle electronic waste for a more sustainable sound system that are one-of-a-kind and pump pure beats.


Builds awareness of the importance of health and nutrition as a foundation for learning, introduces participants to permaculture and its principles, and highlights employment opportunities in the horticulture/agriculture/permaculture industries. Participants will learn how to prepare meals and enjoy the produce they’ve grown together over the program.

Mobile Outreach Workshops

TRACTION delivers ‘pop up’, one-day bicycle build programs onsite for communities in need across Southeast Queensland.

School Holiday Programs

TRACTION delivers bicycle build programs designed to suit participant needs to support and engage participants during holiday periods. Participants not only develop new skills, they build new relationships and confidence.

Community Bike Programs and Clubs

TRACTION partners with local communities to establish ‘bike clubs’ that provide an engaging and positive learning environment. They provide the opportunity for graduates of TRACTION programs, and others in need, to further develop their sense of belonging and purpose.


TRACTION mentors are the heart of the program and help positively re-engage with their community TRACTION supports participants throughout the course of their participation in a range of action-based learning programs, and importantly, continues in its engagement with young people for whom longer-term mentoring is beneficial.