Our Social Impact

TRACTION’s programs benefit vulnerable young people who are experiencing a range of challenges. Social impact is demonstrated by results achieved by its participants, including improved community engagement, school attendance, behaviour and academic effort and performance at school, securing further training, work experience and employment.

TRACTION works closely with its referral agencies to understand the specific needs of each participant and identify desired outcomes from their participation.

Re-engaging youth in learning

Each engagement focuses on helping participants experience a sense of safety, success and build the confidence and self-esteem to:

  • Re-engage positively in the community, and
  • Re-discover the joy of learning, and ideally re-engaging in their education, either at school, trade college, accessing other training, work experience and employment.

Empowering young people to build their own future

Where participants are attending school, TRACTION works in partnership with schools to access quantitative and qualitative data that demonstrates impact in:

  • School attendance
  • Behaviour grades and incidences
  • Academic effort and performance
  • School completion rates
  • Social and emotional development (including independence and resilience)
  • Personal wellbeing (physical and mental health benefits through healthier lifestyles)
  • Destinations and pathways (further education and training; work experience; apprenticeship or employment; other)
  • Community engagement


For participants that are not attending school, measures focus on:

  • Positive community engagement
  • Social and emotional development
  • Increases in personal wellbeing

Success Stories

TRACTION celebrates the success of its program participants as they build their own powerful futures.


Jayde’s experience at TRACTION had a profound impact. Participating in the Bike Build program helped her discover she wanted to be an engineer.

She switched schools, enrolled in trade college and is building her own future. Jayde’s determination was a key factor in securing work experience over the Christmas holidays.

Pathways to learning and employment make a massive difference for TRACTION participants.

Thank you to Steve, Nazim, Tom and the team at The Present Group for putting your values in action, providing a once in a lifetime opportunity for Jayde and helping TRACTION empower young people in need.


Rachel (Guidance Counsellor at Lachlan’s school) shared some fantastic news:

“Lachlan recently secured a construction apprenticeship and he’s loving the hard physical work and learning new skills. This is a really great outcome. His involvement in TRACTION gave him the confidence to go for this position so many thanks to everyone who had contact with him!”


“There is no other program that specifically supports middle school students. TRACTION is filling a critical void and the students absolutely love the program.  It’s a wonderful opportunity for our students to experience alternative learning outside the classroom.”

Kylie Barrett, Head of Junior Secondary, Capalaba State College

Kulan participated in the TRACTION Bicycle Build andSmall Engines programs and returned as a StudentMentor to support other program participants. He was then able to undertake training with BABI Youth & Family Services where he completed a certificate inWork Readiness, gained a White Card and has since been successful in finding employment. Chris, one of the BABI team shared,

“The foundations that Kulan built in his life at TRACTION were significant in making this possible.”

Chris from BABI


TRACTION programs and approach encourages increased engagement. Program logic is supported by literature and our focus is on quality outcomes for vulnerable young people.

TRACTION has worked with students from University of Queensland and the Queensland University of Technology to determine how best to engage young people in need. Some of the findings confirmed:

  • TRACTION programs provide for self-determination and high levels of autonomy, competence and relatedness, which motivate engagement.
  • Mentoring encourages relationship building, self-esteem enhancement, goal setting and academic effort and achievement, which have positive impacts for young people, including reduced incidence of depression, involvement with bullying and fighting, higher school and family connectedness.
  • TRACTION fosters competence and confidence, and when young people believe in their ability to complete a specific task, they are more likely to be engaged.
  • TRACTION creates an environment where participants feel a sense of connection and belonging. Mentors focus on building rapport with participants and facilitating positive relationships between the students.
  • TRACTION mentors model a workshop environment, while maintaining a sense of informality, and this allows them to deliver messages effectively so that students are willing to listen, reflect, learn and act.
  • Mentors encourage students to work hard so that they can embrace the difficulty in learning, and develop a sense of achievement and pride in their work.
  • TRACTION assists participants in ‘reclaiming the joy of learning’ by showing them that there is joy in making things. Through the hard work of sanding, using the right tools, and learning how their projects come together, the end result is more meaningful than just the nicely polished final product – instead, it is a reflection of their hard work and dedication throughout the program.